The Fine Art (and Science) of Asking for the Gift

Learn how to raise money for your nonprofit from the woman who literally wrote the book on the subject! The purpose of fundraising is to build relationships. The end result of these relationships is to have loyal donors who give money, time, visibility, ideas, and contacts to your organization. Many fundraising strategies can be learned in webinars and online but the best strategy — how to raise money in person — can’t be. Experienced fundraisers know that the point of all the other strategies is to create circumstances in which someone from an organization can have a personal encounter inviting a donor to give.

This workshop is devoted to personal solicitation and to helping you find your own style of asking. By learning to know who is most likely to give (prospect identification), through practice of numerous donor scenarios, through discussion of taboos about money and how to move past them, you’ll learn to build and maintain relationships with donors and how to teach others to feel comfortable asking for money. You’ll learn to keep track of your donors, how to decide when it’s appropriate to ask for more money, and how to manage donor campaigns. This workshop is designed for staff, board members and volunteers. Organizations are encouraged to send several people.