Action by National Immigration Law Center

Action by National Immigration Law Center

Our Services

While we work with a broad range of organizations and issues, most of our clients have budgets of less than $5 million and boards comprised of their constituency.

We have a great deal of expertise working in low income and marginalized communities, with progressive causes and controversial issues, as well as fundraising in rural communities, for start-up organizations, and organizations moving away from reliance on foundation dollars.

Our fees are reasonable; we can travel to meet you in person or work by phone and video conferencing.


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“Moving on up”

Stan and Nancy skillfully guided us to exceed our capital campaign goal. We would not be in our incredible new space without their expertise.”

— Diane Wong, J-Sei


The services we provide are:

  • Fundraising assessments

  • Trainings on all aspects of grassroots, community-based fundraising (see more)

  • Board training on the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board and to build skills and understanding of board members' role in fundraising

  • Assistance in development of annual fundraising plans

  • Consultation on development of individual donor programs (including event planning, monthly giving, planned giving)

  • Design and structure of major gifts, capital, or endowment campaigns

  • Coaching for development staff or executive directors

  • Integrating fundraising into organizing, advocacy or other program work

  • Facilitation of board and/or staff meetings and retreats


Super practical advice

“The depth of experience Klein & Roth Consulting brings to the table is invaluable. I left each conversation with clear and actionable next steps to help develop our donor base further, or to move a specific conversation forward.”

— Brian Depew, Center for Rural Affairs

Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods

Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods

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Secured the gift!

“Immediately following the workshop I was contacted by one of our donors regarding planned giving. Thanks to your workshop I was able to convey all the necessary information and secured the planned giving gift.”

— Melissa Kendrick, Food Bank for Monterey County