What Good Causes Need to Know to Survive and Thrive


Kim Klein | September 2009 | US $35.00

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Nonprofits need to understand that this economy is the "new normal." In Reliable Fundraising, influential social change fundraising consultant and best-selling author Kim Klein shares strategies for creating a resilient fundraising program, including practical strategies to survive and thrive in the short- and long-term.

The book is filled with hands-on advice for nonprofits on how to create and expand an individual donor base, time management techniques for fundraisers, how to deal with crises and scandals, and why we need to embrace generational change. Inspiring, philosophical and readily accessible, this is a must read especially for nonprofits with budgets of $2 million or less.


Table of Contents


I Get Ready: Reality Will Change.

1 How Nonprofits Think (or Don't) About Money.

2 The True Cost of Doing Business.

3 The Future Must Be Different from the Past.

II Keeping Your Nonprofit Strong and Healthy.

4 What Is (Probably) Always True About Fundraising.

5 Creating a Fundraising Philosophy.

6 Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Working Environment.

7 How to Be Happy in Development.

8 Analysis and Evaluation.

9 Developing a Donor Base.

10 Segmenting: The Key to Maintaining Relationships.

11 Building a Volunteer Fundraising Team.

12 All Roads Lead to Personal Asking.

13 Don't Leave Money on the Table.

14 Creating Financial Security.

III What to Do if You Are in a Financial Crisis.

15 Immediate Steps for Handling Your Crisis.

16 Mission, Message, and Damage Control.

17 Fundraising Strategies for the Next Six to Twelve Months.

IV Challenges and Opportunities.

18 The Truth About Boards and What to Do About It.

19 Dealing with Generational Change.

20 Staying Excited About Donors.

21 Time Management.

22 Our Main Job Now and into the Future.



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